• Take photos that demonstrate four main photographic categories of portraits:

1. Formal:

A staged portrait where the person(s) appear to be aware of the camera. Posing is typically intentional and reflects the precise character of the subject. Typically these shots are taken from a mid- to telephoto range and typically fill the frame with the subject. Lighting and placement of the subject is intentional and dynamic.


2. Environmental:

The outside of the subject reflects the inside of the subject. For example, a person who enjoys playing baseball might be standing in the dugout wearing a baseball uniform. Typically these shots are taken at a mid- to wide angle range in order to show the background or setting the subject is in.


3. Candid:

These photos are true and sincere in the regard that they are not posed. Candid portraits are typically captured when the subject is unaware of the camera. When the subject is aware, it does not appear that there is a two-way conversation between the photographer and subject to adjust the “pose”. Candid portraits best capture the true emotions of subjects in their unprovoked, natural state.


4. Self:

This is a photograph by the photographer, of the photographer. The difference between this and the infamous “selfie” is, a self portrait is not a casual, careless snapshot, typically from arm’s length. A self portrait should be a thoughtful, creative representation of your personality and character.


  • Submit 3 photos for each category. Totalling 12.
  • Export your photos to the server, no larger than 2048 pixels on the long side, In a folder labeled with your Lastname, Firstname, with a filename or folder that explains the photo category it represents (example: instead of IMG_2345.jpg use F1.jpg, E1.jpg, C1.jpg, or S1.jpg [no need to write the .jpg extension])
  • Photos you submit should be drastically different (not taken in succession of the same subject in the same scene)
  • Don’t forget about the overall framing and composition.