• Take photos that demonstrate five main photographic categories of lighting:

1. Soft Light:

The transition between the highlights and shadows in the picture is smooth and slow. This is created by large, diffused light sources, sometimes very close to the subject. You can easily find soft light in the shade, or on an overcast, cloudy day.


2. Hard Light:

The transition between the highlights and shadows in the picture is drastic and rapid. This is created by small, bright light sources, sometimes further away. You can find hard light easily on a clear, sunny day.



3. Directional Light:

The angle of light in the picture is coming from the side, top, or bottom of the subject. Relative to the camera, subject, and light source, the light appears to be coming from 90 degrees.



4. Back Light:

The subject is in between the light source and camera. It appears that the subject cas been “cut out from the background”. If you expose for the highlights, you might get a silhouette. If you expose for the shadows, you might see the edge of the subject light up with “rim light”. Translucent objects can also show back light.



5. Goboed Light:

Gobo stands for “goes between”. This means that something is between the light source and the surface. The surface can be the background or subject. You might think of this type of light as “shadow play” because it is about capturing interesting patterns that restricted light produces. This type of light is best enhanced by a hard light source, but there can be exceptions.


  • Submit 2 photos for each category. Totalling 10
  • These photographs may be in color or black and white. Use your discretion to decide which will be the best option for your photograph.
  • Export your photos to the server, no larger than 2048 pixels on the long side, in a folder labeled with your Lastname, Firstname, with a filename or folder that explains the photo category it represents (example: instead of IMG_2345.jpg use Back1.jpg, Soft1.jpg, or Gobo1.jpg [no need to write the .jpg extension])
  • Photos you submit should be drastically different (not taken in succession of the same subject in the same scene)
  • Do not forget about composition. Even though these photographs are mainly about light, they should still contain a careful composition.