Composition 2

  • Take photos that demonstrate some photographic compositional techniques:

1. Filling the Frame:

All the uninteresting elements of the photograph are removed by getting close and cropping in to the main subject. The photo is so tightly cropped that pieces of the main subject are extruding from beyond the frame of the photograph.


2. Repetition:

Elements are repeated in the photograph. Elements could be lines, shapes, colors, textures, or even entire objects. By having more than one of something, you are emphasizing its visual importance.


3. Vantage Point:

Photographs taken from a unique angle or perspective can be much more aesthetically appealing than those taken from a typical angle or perspective. Get low or up high to take these photographs. Go beneath, behind, between, inside, or above things that are rarely seen from another side.


  • Submit 3 photos for each category. Totalling 9
  • These photographs may be in color or black and white. Use your discretion to decide which will be the best option for your photograph.
  • Export your photos to the server, no larger than 2048 pixels on the long side, in a folder labeled with your Lastname, Firstname, with a filename or folder that explains the photo category it represents (example: instead of IMG_2345.jpg use FF1.jpg, REP1.jpg, or VP1.jpg [no need to write the .jpg extension])
  • Photos you submit should be drastically different (not taken in succession of the same subject in the same scene)