Composition 1

  • Take photos that demonstrate some photographic compositional techniques:

1. The Rule of Thirds:

Imagine the photo broken up into thirds, kind of like a tic tac toe grid. A subject of emphasis is placed on one of the intersections of the thirds. This creates an asymetrical balance and allows the viewer to focus their attention to the subject.


2. Leading Lines:

Lines appearing in a photograph lead the viewer’s eye toward a subject of emphasis, or create an illusion of depth and three dimensional space through perspective.


3. Frame Within a Frame:

Emphasis and space is added to a subject by framing it with elements in a photo. At least three sides encapsulate an object.


  • Submit 3 photos for each category. Totalling 9
  • These photographs are to be converted to BLACK AND WHITE. Do not submit photos in color for this assignment.
  • Export your photos to the server, no larger than 2048 pixels on the long side, In a folder labeled with your Lastname, Firstname, with a filename or folder that explains the photo category it represents (example: instead of IMG_2345.jpg use ROT1.jpg, LL1.jpg, or FwF1.jpg [no need to write the .jpg extension])
  • Photos you submit should be drastically different (not taken in succession of the same subject in the same scene)