• Take photos that demonstrate three main photographic techniques to show motion, or time passage:

1. Frozen Motion:

The subject appears to be floating or frozen in time, as if the pause button was pushed. No blur in even the fastest moving parts of the subject. A fast shutter speed (like 1/500th of a second), high ISO, and wide open aperture are recommended to take this type of shot.



2. Motion Blur:

The subject moving through the scene is directionally blurry. The rest of the scene is not blurry because it is stationary. You must use a slow shutter speed (like 1/15th of a second), some form of stabilizing device (like a tripod), and any combination of ISO and aperture that allow for the slow shutter speeds.

motion blur

3. Panning:

The subject moving through the scene has at least one sharp, un-blurry piece. The rest of the scene is blurry because the shutter speed is slow and photographer follows the subject with the lens of their camera. You must use a slow shutter speed (like 1/15th of a second) and any combination of ISO and aperture that allow for the slow shutter speeds.

A barrel racer sprints with her horse towards finish line at a summer rodeo.

  • Submit 3 photos for each category. Totalling 9
  • These photographs may be in color or black and white. Use your discretion to decide which will be the best option for your photograph.
  • Export your photos to the server, no larger than 2048 pixels on the long side, in a folder labeled with your Lastname, Firstname, with a filename or folder that explains the photo category it represents (example: instead of IMG_2345.jpg use FM1.jpg, MB1.jpg, or P1.jpg [no need to write the .jpg extension])
  • Photos you submit should be drastically different (not taken in succession of the same subject in the same scene)
  • Do not forget about composition. Even though these photographs are mainly about action, they should still contain a careful composition.