Photography 1

Photo 1 is an introductory photography class that focuses on creative visual problem solving. In this course, students will learn about:

  • manually adjusting the settings of the camera
  • compositional elements and framing
  • light’s quality and principles
  • using digital tools to organize and adjust images
  • exporting images for web and for print
  • best practices for professional use

The students will finish the term with a portfolio of images that will showcase their growth in the art of photographic capture and visual storytelling.

This course is .5 credits.

If a student completes the class with a B grade or better, they may be eligible to take photo 2. If they continue on this career and technical education pathway through photo 3, the student may be eligible for college credit through the “college now” program.

For more information, please email using the contact form on this site.


Assignment List