Cartoon Illustrator Tutorial

For this project you will do exactly as the title says; an Illustrator cartoon tutorial. Sometimes we learn best independently. Often, graphic designers don’t have the luxury of a teacher around to coach them through a unique project, and they need to be resourceful to fulfill the clients needs. Many designers turn to online tutorials or step by step guides to help them achieve a look.

  1. Google search for “Cartoon Illustrator Tutorial”. Scroll through the many choices and pick a tutorial that you like.
  2. Make sure the tutorial has these:
    1. A step by step guide- not a “convert a sketch to a vector” tutorial.
    2. Gradients somewhere in the final product- gradients are transitions between hues or value inside a single fill.
    3. A somewhat complex set of goals- the final product is not just a couple of shapes placed together.
    4. Clipping masks- this one is not as crucial, I can show you how to make one for your background.
  3. Most tutorials do not include a background. Create a background for your character to live in. No floating characters. Try to use the same techniques you utilized in the body for the background so the character seems to be unified with their background.
  4. If you have any trouble with your tutorial, see if a neighbor can help before immediately asking the teacher. Your neighbor might gain something too by explaining something they recently learned.
  5. Turn in the final character with background as a .pdf to the server.

The main goal of this assignment is for you to be able to learn complex techniques that you might not otherwise use, and to see the value of the lessons available on the internet. Designers that claim they are “self-taught” really mean they are self-motivated to become educated. Seek out knowledge. It is literally out there waiting for you to stumble upon it and follow it step-by-step.