Graphics 1

Graphics 1 is an introduction to the concepts, techniques and tools that graphic designers use to solve design problems. While this is a hands-on class, students also devote time to learning how to think and see like designers. Students will learn how to get (or find) ideas, and how to use the elements and principles of design to make them look professional. Students will learn to use an industry standard design-related computer program (Adobe Illustrator) that is used to create, edit, and refine vector graphics. Students should expect, in addition to computer work, to engage in a range of activities: sketching (yes, you can sketch!), researching design trends, and being involved in discussions and critiques. Students will learn to create logos, book covers, stylized illustrations, text layouts, posters, and more. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to take Graphics 2, where they will focus less on the technical skills and more on the design principles and practical applications required in the industry.


Assignment List